"ひみつの庭" inspired by 羊文学 - 12 hugs (like butterflies)

[Eternal Blue] Jumpsuit

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"The Secret Garden" inspired by Hitsuji Bungaku - 12 Hugs (like Butterflies)" Official items

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S: Total length 137cm / Bust 110cm / Shoulder width 44cm / Sleeve length 58cm / Waist 86cm / Inseam 62cm
M: Total length 145cm / Bust 114cm / Shoulder width 46cm / Sleeve length 59cm / Waist 90cm / Inseam 67cm
L: Total length 158cm / Bust 124cm / Shoulder width 51cm / Sleeve length 62cm / Waist 96cm / Inseam 71cm
XL: Total length 164cm / Bust 130cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Sleeve length 62cm / Waist 103cm / Inseam 73cm

95% cotton, 5% rayon